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XSellco Fusion: Ecommerce and marketplace messaging in one place

Is your company always scrambling to respond to Amazon comments, Etsy messages or even customer support tickets on your own website?

Often, the one tool you need is a system that pulls together those multiple sales outlets, for messaging your customers whenever they try to contact you.

If you would like to view messages, create templates and send out responses from a single dashboard, XSellco Fusion might solve all of your problems.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits.

XSellco Fusion Pricing Options

To start, the XSellco platform provides a 14-day trial period, giving companies a first hand look at its functionality, allowing you to understand if the product will work for your team.


After your trial, you choose from four plans, each of them designed to cater to different size businesses. In short, the only differences between these plans are the amount of tickets you plan on handling. Check out your options below.

  • The Starter Plan goes for $59 per month, letting you manage up to 500 support tickets per month.
  • The Small Plan comes out at $149 per month, and you receive support for up to 2000 tickets per month.
  • The Medium Plan is $249 per month, with 4000 support tickets per month.
  • The Large Plan runs at $399 per month, with support for up to 8000 tickets.
  • Don’t worry if you go over 8000 tickets. Additional support tickets are sold at $99 for 2500.

Each of the plans offer unlimited users, response templates, sales channels, smart tag support and language translation.

This is a huge benefit, since you don’t have to decipher between the dozens of varying features, or upgrade just because you require a single feature in a higher plan. The plan variations are cut and dry, based only on the amount of tickets used.

Manage Your Customer Service Messages from a Single Dashboard

A strong reason for using the XSellco system is to pull in every single message from around the internet that’s addressed to your company. You may sell on eBay, Amazon and your own website, but wouldn’t it be nice to reply to comments, reviews and messages without having to open up three or four browser windows?


That’s the idea with Fusion, and it works rather well.

Plenty of online companies need this functionality, but how far reaching is Fusion? What are the primary platforms that connect with Fusion for bringing in messaging? Let’s have a look.

  • Amazon
  • Any Magento-based site
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Rakuten
  • Choose any custom website or selling platform to pull in the necessary messaging.


Organizing and Consolidating Your Messy Communications

Upon opening Fusion you see a small snapshot of your messages from all over the internet. It explains which of these need a response and which have been taken care of. The system uses handy icons for indicating items like overdue messages, pushing you to take action on the most urgent ones.

The Best Part of Fusion? Messaging Templates

The goal for the XSellco team is to cut down your customer support response into just two steps every time.

That’s why you get some nifty templates to respond quickly to your initial messages. The templates work similar to Canned Responses in Gmail, in that you can make two clicks, insert the message, maybe customize it a bit and send it off without wasting time typing in a message yourself.

Smart tags are included with the templates for pulling certain data like customer names, dates, product information or company details. You won’t use smart tags all the time, but they come in handy the first time you setup the system, since once you generate your templates the first time, you rarely need to modify them again.


What are some other cool features that come along with the Fusion templates?

  • Include smart tags in your templates so that information about the customer, order, shipping etc. are automatically added.
  • Search for tickets by typing in a name or question.
  • Assign users with one click, once again cutting down on the ticket management process. This sends the ticket to the right person, who can then just grab a template and reply.


Connecting with the World Using Translations

Google Translate solves most of the problems you might have with a foreigner asking you a question through a site like Amazon. Let’s say a German-speaker is prying you about a pair of designer shoes you sell through Amazon. Generally, you would open up Google, bring up Google Translate and paste in the person’s message. Then, in order to reply, you would type in your response and translate it to German.

This takes time, and sucks resources out of your company. With XSellco Fusion, translations are completed automatically, based on words in the messaging. If you need to translate your own message, simply click on the proper language, and it magically translates in the Fusion dashboard.

Interoffice Messaging

Let’s face it, a tool that brings your customer messaging into a single dashboard is not all that handy if your workers can’t communicate through it as well.

That’s why Fusion provides an interoffice messaging system, so you no longer have to work through that old instant messaging software. Jot down internal notes for each customer, so the next support representative that works with the same customer can understand what went on in the past.

Another cool feature is for company management. Fusion lets them see employee performance, since each one of the customer support reps are being logged at all times. Check to see how many messages the person replies to and even how long it takes them to send out messages.


The Bottom Line

Overall, the XSellco Fusion system is made to save time and generate prompt responses for your loyal customers all over the internet. Most messages that come through the system should require only two clicks for a professional and useful reply. Customize just about anything you want, and even reply to a message without a template if you want. This just works like it would if you were sending out a regular email.


It’s very simple when trying to figure out if Fusion is right for you. Run some reports on how many messages you reply to on a monthly basis. If that number reaches 500 (between places like Amazon, your ecommerce website, Etsy, Ebay and others) you should check out Fusion, because it consolidates messaging, generates the proper replies and keeps your customers happy.

That’s it! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Original Article written by Catalin Zorzini